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Your Independent Child Can Now Buckle Themselves Using Our Booster Seat Buckle Holde‍‍‍r

‍‍‍No more digging between the seats. No more Floppy Buckles. Get LulaBloc!

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LulaBlocs fit over neary ANY seat belt buckle & hold the buckle up right where it needs to be!

The Lulabloc simply slides over the buckle and prevents it from flo‍‍‍pping away or getting pushed between the seats!

Hold The Buckles Up & Next To The Seat

With the buckle being held‍‍‍ up in the optimal position, your child can now easily buckle themselves. This gives them the independence they want and the ease you need!

Gives Your Child In‍‍‍dependence

They fit over nearly ANY rear seat belt buckle

They are safety tested to ensure all natural movement and functionality is maintained

Prevent the buckle from flopping over

Provides independence for your child

Comes in sets of 2 blocs which help 2 buckles

Our LulaBlocs are mobility tested to ensure the buckle maintains all natural movement. The material is soft and flexible to ensure comfort.

Safe and S‍‍‍ecure

How Do The‍‍‍y Install?

Parents Love Them!

Step 1. Slide the bloc over the buckle

Step 2. Make sure the buckle is in the optimal position

Step 3. Enjoy

Get A Set

Get A Set

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